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Monday, 16 May 2011


So for the past few days i know I have been MIA and you can totally blame that on Vega! But there is good news! We did sooo well this weekend! The Market On Main was pumping and we sold out basically! It was fabulous! So I will definitely be putting up pictures soon of this past weekends Eye Candy!

Another surprise will be coming up soon... so you better get down to Market On Main this sunday!! Dont miss out ;)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Celeb Hot Spot- MoM

Market On Main has become the new hot spot for our local celebrities to hang out! This weekend Dan had a photo taken with Waylon Murray from the lions.. Dan really isnt that little in real life.... Waylon is just HUGE!

Other celebrities that i know of that have also visited MoM are Johnny Clegg and Hlubi Mboya who plays the role of Nandipha on Isidingo.

So maybe u will get lucky at Market On Main and catch a celebrity!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Bring Your Mother

So it has been decided that our salmon bagel stall this sunday will be offering delicious mouth-watering cinnamon buns at only R10 and if you buy a salmon bagel you get a cinnamon bun for R6! There are soo many specials happening at Market On Main this sunday for the mothers! so if you want to check them out then visit them on Facebook. MarketOnMain CLICK HERE

So come and spoil your mom at MoM

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mothers Day!

So its mothers day this sunday and there are probably many mothers day specials happening at Market On Main this sunday! what should our salmon stall do?? We have an option of a professional photographer to come take photographs of mothers and their children... or we could do yummy cinnamon buns that you can have with your coffee... hmmmm or we could make a special bagel just for mothers day!

What do your mothers want?? Let me know so what you guys think! :)

Sunday, 1 May 2011

A Bagel Of Fun

Todays Market On Main was more quiet than usual, probably because most of JHB was away over this long weekend. As things were getting pretty slow in the beginning there was a woosh! of hungry customers who were loving our new toasty warm bagels! Toni also added an extra ingredient today for those who wanted to spice things up a bit - Horseradish cream.

The morning was chaotic. From a business perspective, there was a miscommunication - actually no communication- between Toni and I. then to make matters worse, Toni, overslept! Of all days that Toni decides to sleep in! She is meant to be the early riser!....But we did it! By the end of the market we sold out!

Hopefully we will have some eye candy of this weekends Market On Main, but there werent as many photographers there today!

I would also like to mention our friendly next door neighbour stall - Eat Your Heart Out- for two of the most amazing cakelets. Beetroot and date akelets topped with lemon drizzle, it really tastes better than it sounds! and carrot cakelet with the most delicious cream cheese icing!!! out of this world! I've eaten soo much of it that my tummy is in a spasm! So go check their FB page out!

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sooo Excited!!

I cant wait for tomorrows delicious salmon and cream cheese filled TOASTED bagels! yum yum yum!! Market On Main this sunday is going to be Bagelicious!!!! here is some eye candy from a few of our past sundays! 

 Aint He Gorgeous!!!
 Our Friendly Next Door Neighbours- Eat Your Heart Out
 A Sunday with Teddi - Yes thats her real name
Our Bright New Green Glowing Aprons

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Clean up!

2 weeks ago on our way to the market to set up Daniel and I saw the streets in town covered in rubbish and litter. this is because Pikitup is on a strike and its such a pity because town is actually a cool place and there are art structures and monuments that are beautiful. Market On Main and Arts on Main support town and is an upper class venue in town so that others that hardly go into town can see that town is actually not as bad as they think. Unfortunetly the strike has left town and the whole of Jozi in a mess. Its not a very good welcoming site for visitors when they drive down to the market. Lets hope it clears up quick...